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Dental Implants in Poway by Twin Peaks Dentistry

A full smile protects oral health and supports normal function, helping you enjoy a quality life. Missing teeth affect your ability to do so, which is why Dr. Ziba Shirazi offers dental implant treatment. This advanced procedure replaces missing teeth with permanent prosthetics, restoring normal function. Our Poway practice offers the full range of services you need to complete implant placement and restoration, providing personalized treatment plans for smiles missing one tooth or entire arches. If you are interested in rejuvenating your smile by permanently replacing your teeth, contact us today!

Expertly-Crafted Restorations for Missing Teeth 

Dr. Shirazi is passionate about recreating a beautiful set of teeth for her patients. She utilizes excellent materials mimicking the qualities of natural teeth, from their white hue to their durable composition. These restorations are crafted by expert dental technicians and then perfected by our dentist. When patients have completed their implant treatment, they will have a strong and equal bite, permitting normal use of their jaw. The following implant-supported restorations are used to complete your smile:

Single-Unit Crowns: Dr. Shirazi uses porcelain crowns to fill the gaps left by individual teeth. These crowns can be made from porcelain entirely, or porcelain fused to gold (PFG). PFG is primarily used for teeth that need to be stronger and last longer. Full porcelain looks more beautiful and natural among the front teeth. 

Multi-Tooth Bridges: Bridges, also made from full porcelain and PFG, restore two or more teeth and are supported by dental implants. This option helps patients with multiple teeth missing in a line, although not to the extent of an entire row. Bridges function as normal teeth and are a permanent prosthetic. 

Dentures for Whole Arches: If you currently wear dentures, these can be retrofitted for implant attachment. Dr. Shirazi works with an expert to make sure your hybrid implant dentures match the smile and alignment of implants. She also offers customized denture solutions for those whose teeth have yet to be extracted. 

Why You Should Consider Dental Implant Treatment

Dental implants offer the best alternative to traditional replacement methods. They allow for full re-establishment of dental structure while minimizing the impact to healthy teeth. Implant posts, after being placed into the jaw, support renewed bone structure, especially in areas where it was weakened after extraction or tooth loss. Implant placement also prevents teeth from shifting out of place, due to empty spaces left by missing teeth. Overall, implants allow your smile to maintain its health and support your ability to properly chew and speak. 

Dr. Shirazi both places and restores implants, pairing patients with the right materials for renewed esthetics and function. For front teeth, she may use zirconia abutments to avoid any cosmetic impact, while full titanium implants and abutments are used throughout the smile. She coordinates the entire process, making sure patients are comfortable and well-informed of the next steps. 

Visit Twin Peaks Dentistry for Dental Implants in Poway 

If you’re looking to replace missing teeth, and wish to do so in the hands of a compassionate and experienced professional, call Dr. Shirazi. She will perform a thorough and gentle evaluation of your oral health, your needs, and craft a dental implant treatment plan paving the way for a brighter smile.


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